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Bebe Reborn April Reborn Doll - 52CM and 2KG - FULL BODY OF SILICONE VINYL and WATHABLE

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Has your daughter or granddaughter asked you for a real baby and you don't know which one to choose? Possibly you are afraid of not getting it right or of being left without that gift that makes you so excited.

And like so many people, you are indecisive and worried, and you want that gift to excite them.

If this is so, allow me to help you, since I know well that children are the first and most important thing and as a mother, grandmother or family member you do not want to disappoint them and I speak from knowledge since I am a mother of two :-)



πŸ’— If you are looking for a SOFT AND BATHABLE REBORN DOLL for girls or adults, made 100% in Spain and at the same time a QUALITY reborn baby, this one will not disappoint you.

πŸ’— Her body and limbs are made of super soft SILICONE VINYL, this being the first doll on the market with these characteristics. It is NOT SILICONE, it is soft vinyl but vinyl. Silicone is a completely different material and much more expensive. We have a model like this on our website, Rocio.

πŸ’— It gives the feeling of a real baby when you hold it in your arms as it also carries weight filled by hand with 2Kg glass sphere bags.

πŸ’— It has NO HEAD FALL EFFECT . This effect is only achieved with soft-bodied cloth or silicone dolls.

πŸ’— He weighs almost like a real baby, 2kg and measures 52cm

πŸ’— Her drool and snot, her wrinkles, her folds and the handwork will leave you super SATISFIED

πŸ’— Their extremities have an innovative system that we have created so that water does not enter their legs and arms, BUT DO NOT IMMERSE THE HEAD , as water could enter and the eyelashes would be damaged.

πŸ’— Articulated limbs, something that allows this reborn baby to have a lot of mobility and thus be able to adopt real baby positions. Very resistant and abundant hair, so it does not require special care

πŸ’— It comes with a custom pacifier, 2 magical bottles, a UNICORN BAG for the girls, diaper, certificate and in its high quality box.

πŸ’— Real baby designer clothes made by hand.



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