Here is what our clients say about us

They are very friendly and what they create is art.
Each one is special and they are sent home with cash on delivery, it could not be more comfortable and reliable

Fine Losada

Serious and very effective company.
The dolls are great and of very good quality.
Completely recommendable.
We will buy again without a doubt.

Mikel Ortigosa

It is a cucada! , we were after one since December and now it has been possible!
Thanks for all the attention!

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate! It is beautiful and when you take it it looks like a real baby

Maria Luisa Mandiola

Thank you !! It has just arrived and it is beautiful, it is a pleasure to buy from such formal people, it will have great publicity from me and acquaintances ...

Maria sances
Maximum quality
Shipping 2 -3 Days (Not counting weekends)
Personalized attention
Satisfaction guaranteed