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1.- What price do your reborn dolls have?

Our prices range from € 66.45 to € 104.95 depending on which series it is., The "Economic Reborn Series" with prices ranging from € 66.45 to € 69.95 and the "Premium Reborn Series" with prices ranging from € 79.95 to € 104.95.

2.- What is the difference in price?

It is mainly due to: 1º The time it takes us to make the decoration, that is, if they have painted nails, if they have veins in two tones and a second, the fabrics and the sewing time, since a simple bodysuit than a knit suit. These are the aspects that differentiate the two series and that justify the difference in price.

3.- Can I receive it and pay for it at home?

Of course, that is the CASH BACK and we give it as an OPTION for + 3.5 € additional to the price and PER ITEM. In other words, if your doll is worth € 66.45, you would pay € 66.45 + € 3.5 = € 69.95 in total. This amount is not for us but for the agency and is nothing more than insurance for collecting the money.

There are many of you, especially those who do not know us, those who prefer cash on delivery, BUT keep in mind that you will save it if you pay by PayPal or normal Card through our page. web

4.- Do I see that you ONLY give the payment option by PAYPAL EXPRESS?

No that's not true . Enter your personal information, address, etc. and scroll through the screens until you reach the last payment screen, where we ask for your card information.

5.- Can I pay by transfer or can I give you my card details?

We do not accept bank transfer, BUT if BIZUM . Regarding the data of your card do not provide it to anyone VERY IMPORTANT.

6.- How long will it take to receive my order?

The usual is 3 to 4 days (as long as we have a doll, it is stock already finished) without counting holidays or weekends.

At Christmas the times may vary a little from 3 to 5 days.

If you need it before we always give the option of the next day if you are PRIME in Amazon.

7.- Are shipments FREE?

Yes, we do offer FREE SHIPPING for orders over € 59.95. Shipments are ONLY FREE in the peninsular territory, that is, we do not send to the Islands (*) or to Ceuta and Melilla.

8.- Why don't you send to the Islands?

Since we also have a store in AMAZON , where we have not all, but many of the models also available, we prefer to cover shipments to the Balearic and Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla through Amazon.

You can visit our Amazon store by tapping here -> AMAZON

9.- What happens if I want to return my product?

We trust in what we do and we want to give you confidence and security when buying both in our store and in Amazon, so we give FREE RETURNS and not only in 14 days but we extend it to 30 days to give you that SECURITY and CONFIDENCE that you surely appreciate.

10.- What is the process to return my product?

Returns are easy and free. Once you write to us on WhatsApp we will ask you the reason, not to judge you but to find out the reason and take the appropriate measures, and we will pick up the product at your home for free.

Having said that, we hope that the return is not necessary since we give you an unbeatable service through WhatsApp, so that you buy with knowledge and make no mistake, and we dedicate a lot of effort so that this is so and avoid the cost that carry returns ..

11.- What happens if the product arrives damaged by transport or defective?

There are few times that they deteriorate in the shipment but if it happens, of course we will collect the product for free and send you another, as easy as that.Our policy is to respond to problems beforehand and not hide

That said "Each and every one of our dolls or items is checked one by one" before sending them, ensuring that they come out in perfect condition, so transport is always the cause of problems, thank God incidents are 0.1%.

12.- Do reborns require special care?

Yes and we put them not only on our website in our own section and we share them by whatsapp as well. If we ever forget to put them on WhatsApp, you can look at them on the page. It is super IMPORTANT that you read them and even more that you comply with them to avoid problems.

13.- What is the most important care?

Without a doubt " Fucking the reborn correctly" , as if it were a real baby. Nobody would take a real baby by a limb or by the head, correct? Well, the same with our wrists. In turn, when moving the legs or arms which are articulated, do it gently without jerks.

The reborn carry weight on the head and the body, so a MISUSE, can cause it to become unstitched or to lose its head or limb in the worst case.

14.- What can I do if the head or limb comes off due to misuse?

The solution is easy, since buying a flange in any hardware store and putting it on is fixed, but it is better to avoid it. If the more use is very serious it may not be able to be fixed.

15.- What happens if it is stained with a pen or similar?

Unfortunately it cannot be fixed, since it remains impregnated in the vinyl.

16.- Can you put earrings on it?

Yes, but we do not put them for SAFETY REGULATIONS. According to the law it is not legal since they are considered potentially dangerous small parts for the smallest of the house.

There are other brands or sellers who put them on but they are breaking the law and if they report them they could lose their business.

That said, if you want to put them on, it's very simple and any pharmacy can help you do it.

17.- Where are you from and where do you send from?

We are from Bilbao and we ship from Madrid where we live.

18.- Where do you make the dolls?

We design and make them between 2 workshops in Alicante and Madrid, so they are 100% Spanish, something to keep in mind.

19.- Have I seen them cheaper on Amazon or on pages like Wish etc?

My honest recommendation is that you do not be fooled, Chinese dolls have nothing to do with what we make in quality, design, etc.

There are many clients who contact us telling us that they have been scammed many times and that they are delighted to have found us.

Saving € 5 or € 10 can be very expensive, but obviously the decision is yours.

20.- Do you have complete vinyl dolls?

If we release 2 models in November which will be made of SILICONE VINYL or soft vinyl, but they are not silicone.

The silicone dolls which we made in the past, and we stop making them because of their high price, if you want them of quality (platinum ecoflex silicone) they can cost you € 800 onwards. If they offer them to you for less, trust us since the material will be very bad and not very durable.

21.- Do you have swimmable dolls?

If the ones that I mentioned in the previous point of complete vinyl are going to be bathable. If your granddaughter or daughter puts it as a mandatory requirement ;-), we have a SOLUTION to fulfill her wishes and not have to spend € 800 on a silicone one, an expense that few pockets can support.



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