These cares are of vital importance so that the REBORNS last and you do not have any problems, so please take them into account.

  • - VERY IMPORTANT : Treat it as if it were a real baby without taking it only by one limb, since when carrying weight it can be unstitched or even lose the arm or leg. IN THIS CASE WE ARE NOT LIABLE.

  • - Extremities: although the extremities are complete and articulate, when moving them, do them smoothly without pulling.

  • - Cleaning: They can be cleaned using a damp cloth, cotton or wipe, without rubbing as this can damage the paint. Do not use wipes for children that contain chemical elements.

  • - IF THE HAIR IS ECOLOGICAL The hair care of our reborn babies has to be very special: We will use a nail brush or a baby comb to comb it and do it gently without pulling since otherwise it may be losing hair. Do not wet the hair, or let it get tangled, or add any fabric softener or any product .. COMB IT DRY.

  • -If we want to use cologne, we will do it on the clothes because the cologne contains alcohol and can alter the color of the reborn paint. Be careful not to get alcohol or cologne on the vinyl. If you want to perfume, although our reborns are already perfumed, do it on the clothes before putting them on and also not on the fabric body since stains may remain.

  • - Beware of rubbing colored clothing on the vinyl, such as jeans, colored jerseys, etc. as it can stain the vinyl bluish and this cannot be fixed. If you want to dress him in that type of clothing, put underneath some leotards or underwear that we know will not fade.

  • - If you want to pierce the ears to put earrings, be very careful not to break the vinyl.
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