About us

About us?

We are a family business created in 2016 which was born with a clear Mission ..

"Allow all doll lovers to enjoy quality and beautiful dolls"

Our dolls have been produced and designed in Spain since 1986, so we have extensive experience in the process of creating dolls.

Dolls Maria y Jesus is owned by Maria y Jesus Grupo de Compra SL with address in Madrid (Spain), where we are dedicated to the online sale of dolls and doll accessories for people of all ages.

Why choose us?

We differ in 2 important aspects:

1.- Our OBSESSION is the CUSTOMER SUPPORT and we take very seriously that our customers are completely satisfied, guiding them from the choice of the doll, to the receipt of the product in perfect condition.

You will see this obsession with customer service reflected in the multitude of options that we offer our customers when it comes to contacting us in the most efficient way, either by Messenger (Facebook), Whatsupp, Email or T elephone.

2.- Our production is 100% Spanish, employing sculptors, bakers, assemblers, painters, hairdressers, designers, Spanish dressmakers and we guarantee that we do not import from China, something that although you may not know, the main Spanish doll brands do although deny it.

Why were Muñecas Maria y Jesus born?

The disappearance of a multitude of traditional shops at street level and the exquisite reputation of the Spanish doll, together with our love for dolls, pushed us to create this new brand of dolls. Our main objective is the creation of different dolls both in design and in their totally handmade production.

We love our work and we are super proud to make the Spanish wristband industry known not only in Europe but also in the United States.


It is a true honor that our dolls awaken feelings in all doll lovers, and we would like to personally thank you for the trust you place in our brand.

Thank you very much from Muñecas Maria y Jesus

Maximum quality
Shipping 2 -3 Days (Not counting weekends)
Personalized attention
Satisfaction guaranteed