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This is the story of a family of 4 members, Maria and Jesus, proud parents of their two children, Bruno and Diego.

After years of dedication to the world of the doll, years in which we became EXPERTS in the design and manufacture of dolls, we decided in 2016 to create our own brand Dolls. Maria y Jesus was born with the clear commitment to design and make reborn dolls at an affordable price for all budgets, without sacrificing quality and design

Our FAMILY COMPANY was born from our love for dolls and from the need to solve a problem faced by many of our clients like you, who when they were looking for reborn dolls they ran into 3 barriers mainly.

  1. The first of them was the price , since the reborn of most of the reborn artists on the market, even though they were beautiful, had prices that were unaffordable for most pockets. We think that everyone should be able to access dolls of this type.
  2. Secondly, they were looking for beautiful reborn dolls, but that in turn had the realistic attributes that they most valued and with which they could play without fear of breaking them.
  3. And the third and last they were tired of SCAMS of all kinds and of buying Chinese dolls without quality or design feeling cheated on numerous occasions.
After a lot of work and training, we managed to solve these problems and launch our first collection which had a spectacular reception and we asked ourselves ... is there anything more satisfying than setting up your own family business while making many girls happy and adults? ... possibly not.

Why choose us?

We differ in 3 important ways:

1.- Our OBSESSION is CUSTOMER SERVICE and we take very seriously that our customers are totally satisfied, guiding them from the choice of the doll, to receipt of the product in perfect condition. And very importantly, we do not hide and respond when things do not go well, as we are looking for long-term clients.

This obsession with customer service, you will see it reflected in the multitude of options that we offer our customers when contacting us in the most efficient way, either by Messenger (Facebook), Whatsapp , Email or T phone.

That said, we always RECOMMEND WHATSAPP for the speed and ease of sharing information.

2.- We offer that security and guarantee that you will possibly value, offering CASH BACK , FREE SHIPPING and RETURNS not only in 15 days but in 30 days, to show that we trust what we sell.

3.- Our production is 100% Spanish , employing sculptors, bakers, assemblers, painters, hairdressers, designers, Spanish dressmakers and we guarantee that we do not import from China, something that Although you may not know, they make the main Spanish doll brands even if they deny it.

Why were Muñecas Maria y Jesus born?

The disappearance of a multitude of traditional shops at street level and the exquisite reputation of the Spanish doll, together with our love for dolls, pushed us to create this new brand of dolls.Our main objective is the creation of different dolls both in the design and in their totally elaboration HANDMADE

We love our work and we are super proud to make the Spanish wristband industry known all over the world.


It is a real honor that our dolls awaken feelings in all doll lovers, and we would like to personally thank you for the trust placed in our brand.


Thank you very much from Muñecas Maria y Jesus



FAST [Shipping 2 to 4 Days]